Tips to Help Relieve Gout Pain Fast

Gout attacks are prolonged experiences of inflammations in the joints caused by a buildup of uric acid the body. These inflammations are extremely painful, so knowing how to relieve gout pain is essential in making attacks more bearable.

Relieve Gout Pain Tip #1 – Home Solutions

When experiencing an attack, a lot of what is found in everyday homes can serve to help relieve pain, so nothing too demanding or inconveniencing is needed to start the process of relieving gout pain.

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One of the most obvious methods is to relax the affected joint. This means that if it is somewhere on the foot, as in most cases of an acute gout attack, standing on that leg should be avoided at all costs.

Relaxing can also be helped by cushioning whatever surface the affected area is lying on as well as applying ice to that area. These measures provide the environmental factors that can help reduce inflammation just as much as subjecting one’s affected area to harsher environments results in the problem only getting worse. The relief felt by creating a friendly environment should be immediate felt after application.

Relieve Gout Pain Tip #2 – Confronting the Acid

Countering the problem through internal chemical processes is a sure way of reducing the pain felt during a gout attack. The number one method of such internal countermeasures is the consumption of liquid, lots of liquid. Drinking water can help dilute the acid in your bloodstream and prevent crystals from forming.

Consuming fruits and other sources of vitamin C and antioxidants is also useful as these help process the excess acid in a person’s system. While these steps may take a while to be felt, they should relieve the pain during a gout attack, meaning intense suffering will be reduced to a shorter amount of time until the attack passes.

Relieve Gout Pain Tip #3 – Medication

As should be expected, medication is an important player in reducing gout pain, and it is important to remember that only medication prescribed by a doctor familiar with your particular case should be taken.

Trying to figure it out on your own, such as with a medical book, can lead you to take medication that could either make the problem worse or affect you in other ways, depending on what other medical conditions you may have.

Aspirins and painkillers, for example, simply do not do, despite what one might think. Doctors usually prescribe anti-inflammatory medications which reduce the swelling and the pain that comes with it.

When it comes to medicine, the idea that taking them could put an end to the attack seems logical, though it is unfortunately not true. Meds or no meds, if one is experiencing a gout attack, they have to see it through.

However, that potential misconception put aside, medications to work to an almost immediate effect in reducing the pain felt and they should not be ignored, despite some of the other methods that are also helpful in pain reduction.

Relieve Gout Pain Tip #4 – Avoid Unfriendly Intakes

Lastly, once all the other steps have been taking to reduce the pain, the last thing you want to do is to eat or drink something that will undo all of your work. Relaxed and with an ice pack on your feet, opening a can of beer and drinking it would mean that all the comfort and cold would do no good as this would drain you of your bodily fluids, leaving the acid to do its destructive work.

Drinks high in sugar would also have detrimental effects to what pain-relief system you have going on, as well as a healthy diet, so preventing an increase in gout pain is as important as actually easing the pain.

Final Words

With the right guidance and scientifically proven methods to relieve pain caused by gout, you can finally address the last fundamental issue in making the unpleasant bearable, and that is being mentally prepared for the whole ordeal.

Once you are all set and have put everything in place to help you through this rough experience, the best thing to do is to keep your mind busy so as to distract yourself from the affected area.

Having taken care of both the environmental and internal factors that dictate what is going on physically, all you have left is your psychological strength, and with the right company or activity, the gout attack should be over before you know it.

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