Natural Treatment For Gout

When you are looking for ways to deal with the pain of gout, you’ll have to use some methods that involve changing long-term habits. You may be able to start eating a few specific foods and try some pain-relief steps that provide temporary relief, but to prevent future health issues you’ll have to do a few things that will be more difficult.

First, let’s take a look at those methods of natural treatment for gout that are anything but temporary. Start by understanding that gout is caused by uric acid in the blood stream.

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While this isn’t a problem on its own, when those levels get too high for the body to eliminate, uric acid will become crystals that stay in the joints. This is the source of extreme pain and inflammation. Learn more by visiting the website Out With Gout.


Men are more likely to develop gout, though women can be vulnerable to this condition after menopause. Age is a contributing factor, with the malady more likely to occur after age 30 (even more so after age 55).

This fact makes major changes in lifestyle and diet more difficult, of course. But it also makes those changes more important, since it’s more difficult for your body to recover from injury and illness when you’re older.

Whether you work with your family doctor or decide to follow your own regimen, the first thing you can do to deal with gout and other health issues is lose weight. Studies have shown that individuals who are overweight are more likely to suffer from gout.

In fact, half of all people who suffer from this condition are overweight. You shouldn’t take the extreme measure of losing weight too quickly, however, because this is not only unhealthy but may actually cause the problem to get worse.

You should change your diet in certain ways and add moderate exercise to your daily routine, so you drop weight gradually. You should also plan to continue healthy-eating habits and exercise so you maintain your target body weight.

As you make these changes, you should start drinking more clear, fresh water every day. This will help flush excess uric acid from the body. You can learn more about dealing with gout at Out With Gout.

Water, Food

There are recommendations from trusted sources urging you to drink eight glasses of water each day. While this may seem excessive, you’ll find that you feel much better when you do keep yourself well-hydrated. If you prefer, add juice from half a fresh lemon to your water. Lemon juice can reduce the formation of uric-acid crystals and helps keep your body pH levels where they should be.

As you lose weight and drink more water as a natural treatment for gout, you should also eliminate certain foods from your diet. Avoid red meats, or greatly reduce them, and don’t eat organ meets such as liver.

Seafood and fish such as sardines and anchovies are sources of uric acid, so you should avoid those as well. Reduce your sugar consumption and limit the alcoholic beverages you drink each day.

Fortunately, there are certain foods you should eat as well. Grapes are a great way to have a snack and avoid sugary treats. This natural food can help reduce uric acid and prevent future gout attacks.

While some studies show pineapple to be helpful, there are some medical professionals and nutritionists who are looking for further evidence. However, pineapple can deliver enzymes that reduce the cause of gout and ease the pain.

Supplements Etc.

While some may argue that apple-cider vinegar is not a natural food, the truth is this liquid is an excellent source of nutrients and can be quite effective in treating a gout attack. It’s also a good item to add to your daily habits, as a way to prevent future attacks.

Apple-cider vinegar can help maintain body alkalinity difficult for uric-acid crystals to survive in. This is one of those methods passed from generation to generation in the past, though it has been lost to many in modern times.

You may also want to try another fruit that was a staple for many people in earlier generations. Cherries are not only a good source of antioxidants but also help in the fight against inflammation.

Cherries and strawberries can be used as a natural treatment for gout, as can cherry juice and tart-cherry extract. There is one additional supplement you are encouraged to try: turmeric. This is a medicine traditionally used in China and by Native Americans to deal with arthritis. It has excellent anti-inflammatory qualities.

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