Natural Gout Medicine

One of the most important things you should know about gout is that it’s treatable. In fact, you can do a lot to help yourself get through a gout attack and to prevent future problems, without resorting to prescription medication and invasive procedures such as draining fluid from the joint for diagnosis. Of course, you don’t want to talk chances with your health, so you should do all you can to make sure the problem is gout.

Then, if you have doubts or serious health complications, you may want to talk with your family doctor. But keep this in mind: Not only can you make changes in your diet and add exercise to your schedule, you can use natural gout medicine and home remedies to reduce the pain, get through a gout attack and even prevent future incidents. But you’ll have to make some changes in your habits, even if it seems impossible.

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Natural Ways

You may want to start by visiting the website Out With Gout. This is good source for real alternatives. Then, get over the thought that you are alone in the world as a gout sufferer. This is a rather common condition, experienced by hundreds, even thousands of people. But most of them have taken the important steps necessary to live with and deal with gout. You can too. You’ll just have to dedicate yourself to the process.

Start by dealing with the pain, if you’re in the middle of a current gout attack. If the problem is in your toe, your foot or your knee joint, sit down or lie down to take pressure off of the affected area.

If the pain level allows, use a cool compress or ice pack to take away some of the heat and inflammation. Use over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen to reduce the severe pain. Then, it’s time to start some more long-term activities to deal with this malady.

Rule number one: Don’t drink beer and sugar-filled drinks, such as soda. These are known to contribute to excess uric acid in the body, the root cause of gout. Substitute water or fresh-squeezed fruit juice (not the off-the-shelf products that have added sugar).

You may want to limit the amount of processed grains, such as that in white bread and boxed crackers. If you are going to eat grains, limit the amount and stick with whole grain.


In addition to reducing or eliminating red meat and certain seafood, you should also start doing some moderate exercise every day to increase blood flow and help you reduce your weight. Obese individuals are more likely to suffer from gout. When it’s time to build new habits to prevent future gout incidents, you should look at natural foods and supplements as natural gout medicine, because they are.

Try celery juice and celery-seed extract, two items that can reduce the build-up of uric acid in your body. If excess acid of this type is not excreted it can crystallize and lodge in the joints. That’s gout! Celery may also help with other inflammation-related problems, such as skin disorders, irritable bowel syndrome and even urinary-tract infections.

Our ancestors knew about these natural remedies, including juice from cherries or cherry-juice extract. One study shows that individuals who used cherry extract for two days noticed a significant difference and reduce the chance of a future attack by one-third. Tart cherries and black cherries have been used for years to fight uric-acid build-up in the bloodstream.

Fish Oil, Magnesium

One of the most effective natural medicines is fish oil. You’ll have to give this one some time, but it can decrease the risk of gout because of omega-3 fatty acids. This oil can be quite effective in reducing inflammation and is a proven treatment for arthritis. Gout is one very painful form of this condition. You should also look at magnesium, a mineral that helps keep the body alkaline, as a natural gout medicine.

Magnesium may be very helpful for acute gout cases, so you may want to learn more about magnesium-rich foods and supplements that will provide the needed levels of this mineral. Some individuals report that eliminating excess alcohol, sugar and red meat, in combination with the right vegetables and fruits, has helped them get past a gout attack in one or two days.

Once you’ve made some noticeable progress with these options in natural gout medicine, you should focus on changing your diet so it’s consistently healthy. Add some moderate exercise and drink plenty of water. To learn more about dealing with gout on your own, visit The Gout Code.

Gout is treatable. Don’t forget that.

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