How to Get Rid of Gout Naturally

Gout is a form of rises that comes about when the body either produces too much uric acid or does not process normal amounts, leaving the acid to form crystals, usually occurring in the toes. Understanding what causes gout is important when trying to understand what the best natural ways are for getting rid of what can be a painful illness.

First of all, it would be the responsible thing to do to note that professional medical guidance should be sought out when experiencing symptoms of a gout attack before looking for other methods of relief.

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A doctor can best assess what it is the principal cause of the occurrence of a gout attack, such as one’s diet or the inability of the kidneys to process the acid, thus prescribing the best remedy.

Acid Buildup

As mentioned before, the buildup of uric acid is the cause of the crippling crystals that form at the joints of the feet, and so finding ways to prevent this buildup is the obvious place to start. The good news is that there a number of natural ways to do this and each of these are easily accessible.


Nothing flushes out uric acid than good old water, so keeping hydrated is the most important step in preventing an attack as well as countering one already affecting you. Drinking water isn’t the only way to keep hydrated; natural juices are also an option, though it is important to steer clear from synthetic drinks such as sodas which can only make the problem worse.


While gout affects both men and women, the former are in the vast majority, and part of that is largely due to men’s affinity for beer which drains the body of all its useful fluids, so informing one that having to cut out on the alcohol can be a little tough, especially if addiction is an issue.

Sugar consumption is also another vice that would need to be put in check, as well as caffeine consumption, as both of these do wonders in adding to the risk of getting gout. Taking steps to also ensure you are not using up more liquid than you are taking in is also a natural way to keep hydrated.


To put it simply, fruits are rich – they help hydrate and produce all the stuff needed to neutralize uric acid, such as the vitamin C, as well as providing useful antioxidants. Oranges, lemons, cherries, bananas, and apples are some of the most effective fruits in helping both prevent gout and counter it during an attack.

Especially in the case of gout caused by faulty kidney’s, consumption of fruits acts as a sort of natural substitution to this vital organ, performing all the acid processing the kidney should be doing.


Mixing apple cider vinegar and baking soda in water are two home remedies that help keep the body alkaline and relieve pain. Two ounces of either of these mixed in four times as much water is the best way to take these proven home remedies.


After having stressed the importance of keeping liquids in the body, it may seem a little counter intuitive to suggest physical exercise, as well as not being good advice during a gout attack.

When it comes to prevention, however, this helps with keeping one’s heart rate going and, subsequently, improving the circulation of blood. As long as you hydrate well after exercising you should be doing well to improving your overall physical condition.


As evidenced, factory made pills aren’t the only solution to gout, but the best way to verify all of these methods is to analyze the science behind them and how it relates to the science of what causes the problems.

This should be effective in informing one as to whether a supposed natural method to countering gout is effective or not, remembering never to neglect the counsel of a medical professional who can verify the progress one is making in getting rid of gout.

Natural problems more often than not have natural solutions, and though none of these solutions are instant when it comes to gout, the fact that anyone has access to them makes them practical as well as effective, and practicality cannot be undervalued when it comes to something as inconveniencing as gout.

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