How Long Can Gout Last

Gout is a form of arthritis that affects the joints, causing them to swell up and stiffen, and like all illnesses, how soon you treat it will determine how long it will last. There are two manifestations to gout, and each one differs in how long it lasts, which we will look at separately.

Acute Attack

Uric acid builds up slowly over a lengthily period of time, caused either by an excess production of the chemical or by the inability of the body to processes it as should through the kidneys, and much of what goes on internally remains undetected.

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Unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as drinking too much alcohol, are some of what causes this excess of uric acid in the system, but it could also just be a failure on the part of the kidneys to deal with it as they should.

Eventually, this build up leads to the crystallization of the acid, usually at a joint in the toes, though any joint on any limb is liable, and gout first manifests itself in what is known as an acute attack.

This attack usually lasts several days to several weeks, and the ability to quickly treat the problem could determine how long it lasts. There are a number of anti-inflammatory medications that can be taken to ease to the effect of crystallization as well as a number of home remedies that also help ease the pain.

These home remedies include proper care of the affected joint, such as how to relax and cool it, along with instructions to keep hydrated and guides on what sort of fruits to eat, as well as all that should be avoided when it comes to drinking and eating.

Ideally, if one is able to detect the gradual buildup of acids, treatment should begin then to prevent the onset of an attack. If it progresses to an acute attack, however, then medical aid and treatment should also begin right away in order to minimize the suffering and avoid making the problem permanent.

With proper management and a change from an unhealthy lifestyle, gout can be treated in such a way that it never occurs again, meaning you can restrict it to something that will have lasted only for a few days in your lifetime.

Chronic Gout

If, after the acute attack, gout is not treated properly, then the first attack may pass but the underlying problem will remain. Usually staying dormant for a while, a persistence of what caused the problem in the first place, such as with the example of alcoholism, then gout will reappear, albeit with permanent effects.

Known as chronic gout, this is something you will have to deal with over recurring episodes of inflammation and pain, and it could cause permanent damage to the affected joint. These episodes last about as long as acute attacks, shorter if you manage them well, but one can expect to have to deal with them over their lifetime.

Chronic gout can extend beyond the joint and create further problems in the body. Because the buildup of acid is continual and only so much can be stored where crystals have formed at the joint, kidney stones can form, thus creating more problems on top of the problem being longer lasting.

There is treatment available for chronic gout, helping ease the pain and shorten episodes, and the ability to change whatever unhealthy lifestyle created the problem in the first place is pivotal in maintaining good enough help to remain functional.


There are a number of different time lengths to factor when considering how long gout can last. These include how long an episode of inflammation can last as well as how long the condition will continue to affect a victim.

Each of these time lengths is affected by how soon and how well you manage them, and as with any other medical condition, prevention is the best cure. For those suffering from acute gout, the length of time varies, ranging from just over a week to months.

Various treatments help shorten the space of time. For those with chronic gout, they have to contend with the same experiences as that of acute gout attacks, only over an extended period of time as it keeps recurring. With the right medical aid, there are enough treatment methods to help alleviate the pain so you do not have to count every passing minute. Visit The Gout Code.

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