Home Remedies For Gout Pain

If you’re going to use home remedies for gout pain, be an educated consumer. Many people have found the most effective methods are those handed down from generation to generation. Our ancestors had products and natural items at home, to be used for more than one purpose.

In basic terms, when it came to taking care of aches and pains, our grandparents knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, as the medical profession discovered and promoted new remedies, the old ways were used less and sometimes were forgotten.

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As we have moved several years into the new century, people have returned to many of these tried-and-true methods. In fact, they are using and promoting remedies that survived in the hearts and minds of a few.

So Simple

In the not-to-distant-past, coaches and dads used to tell their children to “rub a little dirt on it,” which was probably better advice than you may think. A bit of gentle massage can help, in some situations. (Not sure how the dirt helped.)

Some of the old-timers went to the ice pack right away. When you’re searching for home remedies for gout pain, almost everyone knows that ice will help reduce pain and cool the heat of inflamed tissue.

While the area affected by gout is usually quite sensitive, this can still be a good first step. Putting ice on this spot can be uncomfortable in the first few seconds, but keep in mind that gout pain is even more difficult to live with.

You may want to combine the ice-pack treatment with ibuprofen, which seems to be an effective way to reduce the pain of gout. Learn more at The Gout Code.

Another basic step not necessarily passed down by our ancestors involves getting a bit more exercise. Of course, this method of recovery should be used only as joint pain allows.

If you can, do this a couple of times each day. For example, if your big toe is the site of the pain, just bend it down slowly several times to encourage blood circulation and reduce stiffness.

Age-Old Remedy

When the goal is reduction of pain, less stiffness, and just generally feeling relaxed and refreshed, Epsom salts work. Put a couple of tablespoons of salts in a small tub to soak the feet, when the big toe is painful.

If you have joint pain elsewhere, you can put more salts in warm water for a relaxing bath. Two cups should do it when you’re searching for home remedies for gout pain.

These salts not only sooth aching muscles and improve blood circulation, they also have been known to lower blood pressure. This ancient remedy was so effective that it was unusual to go into “grandma’s” house and not find a supply of Epsom salts. A long, soaking bath will also help flush toxins from the body, something that everyone in the modern world needs.

This is a good method when you’re recovering from a gout attack and a great habit to develop to prevent future health issues. Some people add a few drops of lavender oil or a similar product for aroma-therapy. After your salts bath (or before, if you wish) you may want to relax by sitting back and enjoying a few fresh strawberries.

Neutralize the Acid

Some individuals have found that fresh strawberries help neutralize uric acid, the primary culprit when gout develops. When this acid is not flushed from the system as it should be, it can develop into crystals which then cause the joint paint associated with gout.

You may also get similar relief from nuts, seeds and whole grains, though high levels of vitamin C in fruits are the source of gout relief.

Cherries also provide relief. In fact, this remarkable fruit has been used as a remedy for many years. They help to reduce uric acid, plain and simple. That’s why many of the old-timers were sure to have at least one cherry tree on their property. One more excellent idea among home remedies for gout pain. You can learn more at The Gout Code.

It was also common to find our grandparents and great-grandparents drinking fresh, clean water several times each day. The human body needs sufficient water to flush away toxins.

In a case of gout, it’s important to drink a lot of clear liquids to flush away uric acid. It’s important, as a general rule, to add citrus fruits, leafy greens and berries to your daily diet, to get more vitamin C. You should definitely learn more about the positive effects of apple-cider vinegar.

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