Gout Attack Duration

Gout is a form of arthritis caused by excess levels of uric acid in the body, resulting in painful inflammations that can be permanently damaging if left untreated. This buildup up of acid, creating uric crystals, usually occurs in the toes though joints on all limbs can and are often affected.

The illness usually expresses itself intense attacks that can last for several days, even weeks. As evidenced by surveys of people who have been unfortunate enough to experience these attacks, the length of time can vary quite a bit, so it is near impossible to pin an exact number on it. There are, however, factors that can influence the length of time of a gout attack and a few noteworthy considerations to go with that.

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One such factor is in one’s ability to rapidly treat the affected area. Pain and inflammation are the identifiers of crystallization in a joint and it is at this point that one should begin to seek help.

Getting a professional medical diagnosis is the best option though it may not be the easiest as the attack could render its victim immobile. Waiting it out is not an option and one should do whatever is in their power to get help in order to prevent prolonged suffering.

There are a few measures to take that help ease the severity of an attack and are thought to reduce the length of an attack.

  • Keeping the affecting joint cool can help ease inflammation and pain.
  • Comforting the affected joint also helps ease the severity of the attack, using items such as pillows as well generally abstaining from using the joint.
  • Drinking lots of natural fluids also helps reduce the impact of accumulated acid in the joint, working to dilute it and neutralize its effects.

Though there two or three factors that make one vulnerable to gout attacks, the ability to get medical help and to treat a joint as soon as possible are contributing factors to the wide range of gout attack lengths, so the better informed you are the better your chances of minimizing suffering.

The first 24 hours of a gout attack are the most intense, and though gradual, the suffering should decrease daily after first making it introduction.  After a confirmed diagnosis, prescriptions usually given by doctors are anti-inflammatory medicines as this is the main cause of discomfort.

After treating the pain, getting to the root cause is the next step in battling gout and reducing uric acid levels in the body either through dilution or assistance in processing. The buildup of acid, ironically, usually occurs over a lengthily period of time due to living habits such as overeating, excessive alcohol, sugar, and caffeine products.

Kidneys sometimes do not process the acid as they should which then results in the same buildup as with those who produce too much acid. Once the effects hit, however, dealing with them, unfortunately, takes as much time as it did to build up the problem which brings to light just how important a change in lifestyle is for those prone to gout attacks.

Lifestyle change

The following are proved lifestyle changes that can prevent the buildup of acid and the advent of a gout attack:

  • Alcohol, sugar, and caffeine are all helpers in spiking uric acid levels in the body, so reducing or even cutting them out goes a long way in preventing a gout attack.
  • Keeping hydrated and eating fruits with vitamin C and antioxidants also help dilute and counter acid levels in the body.
  • Keeping physical fit is also recommended as it improves circulation and prevents the crystallization of acid.

Time can either be your friend or you enemy and by choosing to be proactive in preventing a gout attack you will find yourself a very good friend. The opposite is true in the case of neglect.

For those already experiencing an attack, time can be negotiated with in dealing with the issue through all the proven and scientifically sound methods, all with the guidance of a qualified doctor who will care to it that none of these methods affect any other particular conditions you may have. With the right preparations, experiencing an attack can be more durable, no matter the length of time.

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