Can You Get Gout in Your Fingers

Gout is a form of arthritis that affects mostly your toes, but on the rare occasion, this abnormality might manifest itself in the fingers. This can be a little more bothersome as it can affect your productivity, and while gout in the feet can affect your mobility, much of work done in our day involves the hands, so this can turn out to be a little more severe in that respect.


Gout develops slowly over a period of time in a way that is difficult to detect. Uric acid is a substance that is supposed to help process purines and is eventually regulated by the kidneys. Certain factors, such as too much alcohol intake or high purine based foods, causes the body to produce a higher amount of uric acid than usual and the kidneys are unable to deal with this overload.

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In some cases, gout can develop simply as a result of kidneys failing to function properly, meaning that even normal amounts of uric acid are not processed properly. The acid then finds itself wandering aimlessly in a person’s bloodstream, and senses the potential damage that it can cause to the vital organs, the human body’s defense systems kick in and a process called crystallization takes place.

Gout in the fingers

Uric acid crystals can form on any joint in the body, though the toes are the most common. If these crystals form in the fingers, this could either be simply an extremely rare instance of gout or it could be indicative of the underlying issue with gout having been around for a while.

It is more likely than not that a person who suffers from gout in the fingers has probably gone through an acute attack somewhere in the toes. Gout will manifest in the knuckles in most cases of gout in the hands, though other joints such as the wrists are vulnerable too, and it will look much like what you see with gout in the toes.

Inflammation, caused by the crystals forming in the joint, will cause as much stiffness and pain as they would anywhere else. The joint will be stiff, so any use of the hands will be completely nullified; meaning that one’s ability to be productive is also jeopardized. The visibility of all this will be a large, hot swelling at the joint.


For those who have already suffered a gout attack, even if it manifested itself in the toes, the likelihood of getting gout in the fingers increases. This is because the recurring of a gout attack might mean that it has gone from being acute to chronic, and the problem is more widespread.

Gout usually occurs in older people, ranging from ages 35 and above,  and the oldest of this group being those most likely to get gout in the hands, mostly because the condition is chronic by this point in time. Other developments such as kidney stones sometimes arise at the same time as the advent of a gout attack in the fingers.


It is recommended that medical assistance be sought out immediately. Medicine that helps reduce the inflammation and balance PH levels in the blood is prescribed with considerations to any other medical conditions you may have.

There are a number of things that can be done from home to also reduce inflammation and ease the pain, such as wrapping ice around the swollen joint for periods of 20-30 minutes, several times a day.

Mixing baking soda and apple cider are two very popular home remedies that have been proven to counter the problem internally, as well as the consumption of fruits high in vitamin C, and keeping hydrated in general.

The best treatment, if it can be helped, is prevention, and if the gout attack is still acute, certain changes in one’s diet can and should be made that will help keep the body alkaline and prevent the buildup of uric acid in the blood. Keeping check of your uric acid levels is a sure way to keep the issue in check and prevent it from aggravating any further that it already has.


Gout can affect any joint on the arms or legs, and though it is rare, the joints on the fingers are just as susceptible as any other. If you are one such person, careful management of the problem can help you overcome the difficulties and stay as productive as possible. Check out The Gout Code to know how to handle gout attacks and prevent them happening again.

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