Can Gout be Cured

Gout is a painful form of arthritis that can have very negative and long-lasting effects on a person’s ability to function properly. It can render a person crippled, even if just for a few weeks, as it mostly affects your feet.

Even in the rare case of gout in the fingers, it could mean you are put out of work for a number of weeks. The question as to whether gout is curable or not depends on how you define a cure, as put forth in the following two arguments.

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First, however, it is important to understand the science of what causes gout. The human body is a complex makeup of different biochemical processes, all making up the different systems that allow us to function in the way we do.

Illnesses are often irregular chemical reactions, are a lack of such reactions, giving rise to irregular conditions we like to call sicknesses. Gout is when there is an excess of one such naturally produced chemical, uric acid, and these extra quantities find themselves without a particular function.

One of the body’s many defense systems kicks into place at this point in time, working to ensure that this acid doesn’t get close to the vital organs, which can have deadly effect, and so a process called crystallization takes place, trapping the acid in a particular joint as far away from the body’s core, which is likely why gout takes place mostly in the feet.

The problem with this crystallization problem is that it renders whatever joint useless after making that part of your body a sort of warehouse for excess acid. It can also be extremely painful, leaving the intellectual part of our brains to find ways of dealing with the issue. This is where modern medicine steps in.

Gout is incurable:

Is there medication that can be taken or an injection given that neutralizes gout by attacking the uric acid crystals and forever eliminate them? No. According to that definition of cure, unfortunately, there is none that has been developed when it comes to gout.

Gout is curable:

On the other hand, if you define the definition of a cure as something which will prevent the illness from happening again, such as eliminating the possibility of a gout attack, then it is safe to say that there is a cure for gout.

This involves taking a number of steps that can be taken throughout a prolonged period of time, some demanding changes in your lifestyle, so we will look at each one separately.


Keeping track of your acid levels enables you to prevent them hitting crisis level and manifesting in painfully unfriendly ways. A medical practitioner also familiar with your case and progress is also useful in giving you the right sort of guidance to prevent the occurrence of a gout attack.

Drinking Habits

Staying hydrated is the best way to dilute the chances of crystallization forming in your bloodstream. This means taking all the right sort of liquids and leaving out the more synthetic stuff that actually works to increase the risk of getting gout, such as sugary drinks and those with high caffeine levels.

Alcohol is the number one liquid responsible for allowing gout to happen, as it drains the body of fluids, so this should be avoided more than anything else, as hard as that may sound.

Eating Habits

Consumption of food that makes one susceptible to gout, such as red meats and seafood, should also be looked up with qualified help in order to understand what to cut out of your diet. Eating too much is a major cause of why some people get gout, as this affect the cardiovascular system, so getting on a diet is as helpful as modifying your actual diet.

To sum it all up, eat well, drink well, and keep your body fit and is as good a condition as possible to prevent gout from happening. Keeping check on your health stats from time to time is also a sure way to ward off any threat, which is true of gout as with many other illnesses.

In this respect, and with sound scientific evidence and testimonials to back all the advice given, it is safe to say that gout is preventively curable.

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